Ditch the shower curtain

DITCH THOSE OLD SHOWER CURTAINS Shower curtains are easy to install. They can be taken down and thrown in the wash when dirty. They are even inexpensive enough to discard when you want a different look in your bathroom. However, they are a common fixture and a bit drab.

Frameless shower doors take more time to install and are a bit pricier. They need more room than a curtain and you can’t change their look easily.

Let’s talk about look. A frameless shower door is the minimalist choice. They look modern and clean. A glass shower door lets the beauty of you shower show through. Do you have a beautiful shower? Don’t hide it when you can flaunt it. A frameless shower door lets the beauty shine through.

A frameless shower door is seen as a much higher-end option than a plain shower curtain. The value of your home improves with a quality door in your bathroom. If you are looking to sell, a frameless shower door will elevate your home’s value!

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