One of the issues with shower doors is the frames.

One of the issues with shower doors is the frames. Not only can they unsightly, they also are hard to keep clean and tend to show spots and streaks more than other parts of the shower. A newer trend that helps eliminate that problem is frameless shower doors. Frameless shower doors are constructed of heavier…

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Clean the Glass Shower Doors Frequently

At Shower Doors of Sarasota located in Florida, we want to help our customers maintain the beautiful glass shower doors that our technicians install in residential or commercial buildings. A glass shower door will last for many years with the proper care, so you should use these methods to keep the item in the best condition. After showering, you can use a soft cloth to wipe away the water droplets that collect on the glass shower door. By doing this, you can avoid having ugly water spots on the glass, and you won’t need to worry about having any mold growth or mildew odor on the surfaces.

Use a Soft Cloth to Prevent Ugly Scratches

If you see soap scum or other deposits on the glass of the shower door, then you can spray white vinegar on the surface before wiping it with the soft cloth. For hard water deposits or dried debris, you can make a mixture of baking soda, salt and vinegar to apply to the glass shower door to make it clean again. When you are having any problems with your ho

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Glass shower doors are an important feature in your bathroom

Glass shower doors are an important feature in your bathroom, but their critical function may go unnoticed until they are damaged. You may casually notice the beauty of this glass from an aesthetic perspective, and you may rely on the glass and frame to contain water when you are showering on a daily basis. The frame’s excellent condition enables you to easily open and close the glass door as desired. When the glass or the frame is damaged, your ability to use the shower as desired may be impaired. In addition, the aesthetics in your bathroom may be diminished. You understandably need repair work completed for your glass shower door as soon as possible, and we are available to help.

Repairing a glass shower door requires incredible precision. After all, the style and finish on the frame should be carefully matched. Likewise, the new glass should match any remaining glass panels in terms of tint, sheen, etching and more. We understand the importance of repairing your damaged shower d

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“Remodeling a bathroom is a major task

“Remodeling a bathroom is a major task, so you want to get it right the first time. The team at Shower Doors of Sarasota can help. By keeping these three factors in mind, it won’t take long to make the right choices and be on the way to a beautiful new bathroom.

Color Matters

What’s the color scheme for the bathroom? It’s up to you! From vintage shades for the tub, lavatory, and toilet to traditional white, the color will help set the tone for the rest of the space. Our team can help you identify the best colors for the major elements as well as tile choices for the walls and floor.

What About the Shower Door?

Would a framed or frameless shower door work best in the space? Our team will point out the benefits of each and you decide. We’ll even discuss whether to go with clear, frosted, or etched glass for the doors.

Faucets and Other Elements

Choosing the right faucets, shower heads, and other basic essentials involved balancing function with appearance. Based

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Bathroom remodeling

Deciding to remodel a bathroom is no easy task. After all, remodeling takes time and effort. There are a million choices to make just to see it come together, and there are so many mistakes that you can make along the way. You have to find a company that you trust to give you the services and products that you need to see your bathroom vision come to life. That is where Shower Doors of Sarasota can come in. We offer a wide range of bathroom accessories and shower door options that make us the first option for your bathroom remodel in Sarasota and Bradenton.

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Have a Safer Bathroom

When you use a plastic or cloth shower curtain in your home’s bathroom, water can splash everywhere while you are showering. In addition to causing water spots on the drywall, this water can land on the floor. When you step out of the shower, the wet floor is a danger, making it easier to fall. The water that is on the floor can seep between the tiles to cause damage to the wooden structure that is underneath the top layer of flooring. If the moisture doesn’t dry quickly, then it can lead to mold growth along with a foul mildew odor.

Call Us Today to Learn More about a Shower Door Installation

Rather than using a flimsy cloth or plastic shower curtain, we recommend the installation of a frameless shower door. This device is customized to fit precisely around the shower stall or bathtub to keep moisture inside where it will run through the drain. You won’t need to spend several minutes cleaning up the splashed water from everyone’s showers, and it is safer to wa

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shower door does a much better job than a curtain.

Shower Doors of Sarasota
You basically have two choices for your shower: doors or a curtain. Shower doors have some distinct advantages over a shower curtain that make them worth the investment.

Shower doors provide a level of style and functionality to your bathroom that you just can’t reproduce with a shower curtain. Shower doors will give your bathroom a more high-class look, and when it comes to keeping water in your shower and off the bathroom floor, a shower door does a much better job than a curtain.

While you can go to any home or discount store, by a shower curtain and install it yourself, you’ll want to get some expert help when it comes to a shower door. Luckily, if you live in the Bradenton or Sarasota areas, that expert help is nearby.

Shower Doors of Sarasota offers a wide selection as well as expert installation. Call or visit our website,, to get a free estimate.

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Decorative Appearance in your bathrooms

Decorative Appearance

If you want to have a stylish bathroom that is similar to a high-quality hotel’s bathroom, then you should install a glass shower door. At Shower Doors of Sarasota, we have a variety of glass shower door designs that will add a decorative appearance to your home’s bathroom. You can find shower doors that have etching on the glass, but you might prefer a 100 percent clear door instead. We offer frameless glass shower doors that are attached to the wall of a bathroom with specialized hinges, or you can choose a door that has a metal frame that has a silver or gold tone.

Simple Cleaning

With the installation of glass shower doors, you will increase the overall value of your home when you want to sell it. You won’t need to cope with ugly plastic shower curtains that have an odd odor and that develop mold growth. Glass shower doors are simple to keep clean with a soft cloth after you have a shower, and the surfaces of glass doors will dry quickly from evaporation. W

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Decorate Your Florida Home With Assistance From Shower Doors of Sarasota

Decorate Your Florida Home With Assistance From Shower Doors of Sarasota
Homeowners in Southwest Florida appreciate the convenient services supplied by Shower Doors of Sarasota. Whether you plan to modernize and update your home’s bathroom soon, or you’d simply like to install some additional shower accessories (such as shower safety handles or stylish new doors), visit us online at We offer fast, knowledgeable assistance resolving a variety of bathroom shower decor concerns.

Today, safe, attractive shower facilities enhance numerous residential properties in this region. Residents sometimes discover the addition of safety bars and comfortable shower seating assists older family members in maintaining their independence. Adding these items promotes safer bathrooms by reducing problems associated with slips and falls. A shower door equipped with safety glass furnishes an important safety feature, too.

Shower Doors of Sarasota carries many lines of s

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You can Use Shower Doors and Fixtures to Create a Relaxing Experience in Your Own Home

You can Use Shower Doors and Fixtures to Create a Relaxing Experience in Your Own Home
To get a new look in your bathroom might require a remodeling job and a significant amount of labor. Going about the task of creating a relaxing oasis in your own home can become quite costly, especially for such a small portion of your home’s overall floorplan.

At Shower Doors of Sarasota, we can give you options that best suit your budget. We might even be able to help you with some ideas you have not yet considered!

Being experts in the business for many years, we have learned that what our customers want the most is the ability to relax while still maintaining a clean bathroom. Our shower doors, tub enclosures, accessories, mirrors, and other stock items are all easy to clean and maintain.

We have shower doors for every lifestyle and budget. You can choose from fun and lively collections or elegant and sophisticated styles. We can help you with the installation of fixtures, complete ensembles

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