Adding a glass shower door…

Update your bathroom Let us show you how getting rid of that outdated shower curtain and installing beautiful glass shower doors will completely transform your space

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Want a to know a great way to keep your shower doors clean? Keep a squeegee on hand and use it as often as necessary to keep water and spots from sitting on your beautiful glass shower doors.

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Renovating your bathroom is the ideal way to modernize your space

Renovating your bathroom is the ideal way to modernize your space and to incorporate stylish new elements that it may currently be lacking. Your bathroom should be functional above all else, but you can combine functionality with high-quality materials and finishes to achieve the stunning results you desire. If you are looking for an exceptional way to add a touch of class to your bathroom, glass is a wonderful material to choose.

In addition to mirrors and windows, glass is commonly used as a shower surround. This glass may be clear, etched, frosted or have other aesthetic features that can add personality to your space. It works well as a full enclosure with a glass door, or it may be used with a walk-in shower to allow more light to filter into the space. The finish and sheen of glass in your bathroom can make the space feel bigger and brighter. When glass is well-maintained, it also creates a high-end look that is irresistible. Before finalizing your bathroom renovation or remodel

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Replace Flimsy Fabric or Plastic Shower Curtains

Replace Flimsy Fabric or Plastic Shower Curtains

If you are tired of coping with flimsy plastic or fabric shower curtains in your home’s bathroom, then it is time to upgrade to modern glass shower doors that offer privacy. While some types of shower doors are clear, you can find etched shower doors that provide privacy while you are taking a shower. There are numerous etching designs for the shower doors, and you can select a style that creates an attractive ambience in your home’s bathroom. You can also find shower door hinges and handles that have different metallic finishes and designs.

Call Us to Learn More about Privacy Shower Glass Doors

Shower Doors of Sarasota, Fla., has a website that has images of various shower door designs, or alternatively, you can visit our showroom to look at the shower doors. After choosing a shower door design that you like, our technicians will visit your home to measure the area carefully. Each shower door is customized to fit the space, and you c

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One of the issues with shower doors is the frames.

One of the issues with shower doors is the frames. Not only can they unsightly, they also are hard to keep clean and tend to show spots and streaks more than other parts of the shower. A newer trend that helps eliminate that problem is frameless shower doors. Frameless shower doors are constructed of heavier…

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Clean the Glass Shower Doors Frequently

At Shower Doors of Sarasota located in Florida, we want to help our customers maintain the beautiful glass shower doors that our technicians install in residential or commercial buildings. A glass shower door will last for many years with the proper care, so you should use these methods to keep the item in the best condition. After showering, you can use a soft cloth to wipe away the water droplets that collect on the glass shower door. By doing this, you can avoid having ugly water spots on the glass, and you won’t need to worry about having any mold growth or mildew odor on the surfaces.

Use a Soft Cloth to Prevent Ugly Scratches

If you see soap scum or other deposits on the glass of the shower door, then you can spray white vinegar on the surface before wiping it with the soft cloth. For hard water deposits or dried debris, you can make a mixture of baking soda, salt and vinegar to apply to the glass shower door to make it clean again. When you are having any problems with your ho

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Glass shower doors are an important feature in your bathroom

Glass shower doors are an important feature in your bathroom, but their critical function may go unnoticed until they are damaged. You may casually notice the beauty of this glass from an aesthetic perspective, and you may rely on the glass and frame to contain water when you are showering on a daily basis. The frame’s excellent condition enables you to easily open and close the glass door as desired. When the glass or the frame is damaged, your ability to use the shower as desired may be impaired. In addition, the aesthetics in your bathroom may be diminished. You understandably need repair work completed for your glass shower door as soon as possible, and we are available to help.

Repairing a glass shower door requires incredible precision. After all, the style and finish on the frame should be carefully matched. Likewise, the new glass should match any remaining glass panels in terms of tint, sheen, etching and more. We understand the importance of repairing your damaged shower d

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“Remodeling a bathroom is a major task

“Remodeling a bathroom is a major task, so you want to get it right the first time. The team at Shower Doors of Sarasota can help. By keeping these three factors in mind, it won’t take long to make the right choices and be on the way to a beautiful new bathroom.

Color Matters

What’s the color scheme for the bathroom? It’s up to you! From vintage shades for the tub, lavatory, and toilet to traditional white, the color will help set the tone for the rest of the space. Our team can help you identify the best colors for the major elements as well as tile choices for the walls and floor.

What About the Shower Door?

Would a framed or frameless shower door work best in the space? Our team will point out the benefits of each and you decide. We’ll even discuss whether to go with clear, frosted, or etched glass for the doors.

Faucets and Other Elements

Choosing the right faucets, shower heads, and other basic essentials involved balancing function with appearance. Based

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Bathroom remodeling

Deciding to remodel a bathroom is no easy task. After all, remodeling takes time and effort. There are a million choices to make just to see it come together, and there are so many mistakes that you can make along the way. You have to find a company that you trust to give you the services and products that you need to see your bathroom vision come to life. That is where Shower Doors of Sarasota can come in. We offer a wide range of bathroom accessories and shower door options that make us the first option for your bathroom remodel in Sarasota and Bradenton.

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