Have a Safer Bathroom

When you use a plastic or cloth shower curtain in your home’s bathroom, water can splash everywhere while you are showering. In addition to causing water spots on the drywall, this water can land on the floor. When you step out of the shower, the wet floor is a danger, making it easier to fall. The water that is on the floor can seep between the tiles to cause damage to the wooden structure that is underneath the top layer of flooring. If the moisture doesn’t dry quickly, then it can lead to mold growth along with a foul mildew odor.

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Rather than using a flimsy cloth or plastic shower curtain, we recommend the installation of a frameless shower door. This device is customized to fit precisely around the shower stall or bathtub to keep moisture inside where it will run through the drain. You won’t need to spend several minutes cleaning up the splashed water from everyone’s showers, and it is safer to walk on the bathroom floor. Contact Shower Doors of Sarasota today at 941-359-9882 to learn more about frameless shower door installation.

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