If you own a home, you probably have at least one shower in one of the bathrooms. There are two ways to give yourself privacy and keep the water inside the shower when you are using it: a shower curtain and shower doors. Though a shower curtain is the cheaper option, there are plenty of other reasons to go with shower doors.

One of the biggest benefits to a shower door as opposed to a shower curtain is that a shower door does a much better job of keeping the water in. With a curtain, it’s too easy for it to get inadvertently moved, which can allow water to get onto your floors and walls. Shower doors prevent this from happening.

Another big benefit to shower doors is that they look much nicer. There’s a reason you see shower curtains in gyms and dorms: they’re cheap and they look cheap. Shower doors will make your bathroom look nicer and can be more appealing to potential buyers.

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