Install Frameless Shower Doors

Install Frameless Shower Doors

If you are still using flimsy plastic or cloth shower curtains in your home, then you know that the items aren’t very attractive. These types of shower curtains tend to rip along the shower curtain’s hooks, and you may notice mold growth on the items. This mold creates a foul mildew odor that can permeate your entire home. If you want to create an elegant ambience in your home’s bathroom, then switch to a frameless shower door that gives the room an open appearance. A bathroom will seem bigger with a frameless glass shower door, and you will also enjoy the lighting from the bulbs around the bathroom’s mirror.

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At the same time, you can choose matching accessories for your bathroom that will showcase the frameless shower door. Some of the matching accessories include items such as towel bars, soap dishes or toothbrush holders. While you are having a frameless shower door installed, replace the bathroom’s faucets and lighting fixtures. You can also have hooks installed on the walls to hold garments such as a bathrobe or pajamas. Contact Shower Doors of Sarasota today at 941-359-9882 to learn more about frameless shower doors.

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