Inspect your Shower Door

Inspect a Shower Door

When your home’s bathroom has a shower door, you might wonder if it is degrading. There are several ways to check the condition of a shower door, including using your hands to inspect the glass and metal for problems such as cracks. While completing this inspection, you should also look for signs of rust, especially on the hinges of the shower door because if a hinge degrades, then the shower door can fall inward or outward in the bathroom. This could lead to a serious injury, so it is essential to have a shower door that is in the best condition.

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If you want to know if a shower door is leaking moisture, then you must dry the inside and outside of the bathtub. Use a towel on the floors and walls to remove any moisture that sprays around an old shower door. Make sure that you have dry rugs on the floor of a bathroom while you are showering, and afterward, check the rugs for dampness that indicates that the old shower door is leaking. When you need a new shower door, contact Shower Doors of Sarasota for assistance.

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